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Add your company and show that you exist at all. Brands Directory is currently one of the most popular industry catalogs where you can add your company for free. No matter what country you are from, add your company and attract new potential customers.

You can add a description, opening hours, address, and your website. Over 20 categories and subcategories to which you can add your company allows you to navigate very efficiently through our Directory. 

After adding your company or brand, all your customers can leave a review for you. Companies with the best reputation are awarded with a certificate.

Only the best companies can be certified and only those with a minimum rating of 4.5. All reviews are checked and verified by us.


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On our review portal you can post an entry for a company, restaurant, shop or an interesting place free of charge.


Apart from you, all portal users can describe their experiences with these entries. We try to offer as many entries from as many different industries as possible on our rating portal in order to enable our users to rate places or restaurants they have already visited or companies whose services they have used.

They shape this portal and share their experiences with others. Thanks to your opinion, the next consumer will be able to get an idea of where he or she uses services, which products he or she is buying or, quite simply, whether the food tastes good in a particular restaurant.

What besides reviews?

Our portal allows you to quickly call up information about a company, a restaurant, a shop or an interesting place and also shows contact details and a route map for these places.

  • Quick access to information such as description, opening times or a route map.
  • A very easy to use interface that allows you to easily navigate between categories on the map.
  • We update the data continuously so that you can be sure that, for example, the company address is correct


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You can choose whether you want to add your company for free or you want to buy one of the 2 packages. By purchasing our package, you gain additional benefits of visualizing your company in our business directory.

  •  Visibility of your listing on the main page
  • Do Follow link to your website
  • An advertising banner with your company displayed to the users of the portal.